Launchpad development setup

Setting up and running Launchpad

I’ve finished the installation “Setting up and running Launchpad”. I installed it in an LXD container. I then followed the create-a-user step where it created a virtuous-sloth user with an email of That user appeared to have my RSA key imported but I don’t know for sure how it got it. Two possibilities exist; it pulled information from or it imported it from my home directory.

The installation using an LXD includes instructions for mapping your home directory from the host hypervisor into the guest container, which is what I did. I’m guessing it pulled it from my home directory.

Along with the built-in all-powerful account, the two accounts have no password so you can log out and in as either with ease. The personal account is not a member of any groups so stands as a good ordinary test user.

Looking at the Codehosting and Soyuz components, it looks like the latter is related to building so I think I will install that next.

Install Soyuz

Initial setup

In the initial setup section in the first step you run utilities/ but it failed right away for me. This had to do with this deprecation. I simply chose to disable the warning with the environment variable:

export PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore::yaml.YAMLLoadWarning

and the step quickly finished.

The next step imports metadata for Ubuntu releases from Dapper Drake through Jammy Jellyfish - nice. After restarting (^C in my current make run shell session then starting with make run_codehosting) and logging in as the ppa-user with my own email, I see a GPG key has been added. The document is a bit misleading in that it says “This user has your GPG key associated” but the key seems to be synthetic: 000186A0AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Extra PPA dependencies

This section seems to imply that you may want to change the external dependencies from explicitly on Lucid to a more generic form with %(series)s in the source definition, but that generic value was already there.

Set up a builder

The documentation still says the builder is running Xenial, but if you look at current build logs (for example, this you can see this near the top:

Buildd toolchain package versions: launchpad-buildd_223~593~ubuntu20.04.1 

Which implies the builder is running on focal, so I’ll switch to that.

Launchpad configuration

This section makes a reference to Precise Penguin. When I hit the previous container question of Xenial or Focal I reached out the the Launchpad team and asked and they said the doc was out of date and they might be able to fix it tomorrow. I think I’ll wrap this up here for today, then.

For reference:

Article series